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Simon Engineering, LLC

812 Atlantic Ave, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

Simon Engineering is a part time, weekends only business. We do Soil Borings, the correct way, using the Standard Penetration Test (ASTM D1586) for residential projects. Our service area is Momouth County, Ocean County and Southern New Jersey. We do this work for fun. Reminder - Don't bother with another well driller who uses a continuous flight auger below the water table for soil borings. A Soil Boring by continuous flight auger may be cheap but it is the wrong way and provides inaccurate results for foundations.

For a proposal or more information, feel free to call 732-892-6800 or email: Lsantiago@sellcnet.com
Thank you.
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Lisa Santiago - Office

Ron Higgins - Licensed Driller

Russ Simon - Helper (when he feels like it)

Rod Simon, P.E. - Professional Engineer